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ONLINE CONFERENCE Understanding How Coronavirus Has Changed Our World: What’s coming next?

Mon 3rd May 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic has altered every aspect of human activity – work, personal, collective, organisational, economic, leisure, travel, government – nothing remains untouched. How do we make sense of the impact of coronavirus so far and the ways in which all of our behaviours in every context will continue to be altered in the weeks, months and years ahead?

In order to adapt to the challenges of coronavirus - and to be able to do more than simply react to its effects - we need to be able to understand the effects it has so far had and the likely next course of events. Organisations and individuals also need to know how to develop both specific responses to those challenges and adaptive ways of thinking so that we are best able to create quick, innovative responses to fast changing circumstances.

This online conference assembles experts across fields which cover global activities, institutions and events, public services, public health, the economy, resilience and mobility. Their insight will be focussed on:

  • understanding how each of these areas has been disrupted and reshaped to date
  • the challenges and choices which still lie ahead
  • how we should shape our thinking and planning for a future ‘new normal
  • the need to adapt but also to address longer term challenges in the coronavirus context


Rt Hon Douglas Alexander

Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Councillor Susan Aitken

Leader, Glasgow City Council

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Chris Mackay, Burness Paull,
Scottish Capital Investment and Infrastructure

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