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The Scottish Transport Show: For Scotland’s transport sector, suppliers and stakeholders

Wed 25th Sep 2019

Edinburgh, Edinburgh Corn Exchange

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What is it?

The Scottish Transport Show is an exhibition, networking event, masterclass programme and series of open discussions and innovation sessions. The show is focussed on innovation and excellence in Scottish transport, in supporting growth, delivering employment, sustaining communities, creating export opportunities and achieving carbon reduction.

The Scottish transport sector – its operators, the supporting supply chains and the passenger and freight customers powering the sector collectively – is a core driver of the Scottish economy. The Scottish Transport Show provides a meeting place for the transport sector to showcase innovation, discuss collaborative opportunities, network with transport leaders in all sectors and explore how the resources and expertise which are being used to transform transport in Scotland can also be turned into exporting opportunities in markets seeking leading edge transport intelligence and services.

What will it cover?

The Scottish Transport Show is about all things transport:

Interoperability – Emissions and Emission Zones – Transport Skills and Training – Smart City Regions – Active Travel/Cycling and Walking – Asset Management – Mobility as a Service – Transport  Strategy – Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure – Passenger Transport – Transport Infrastructure and Investment – Data/Digital/AI – Smart Ticketing – Lifeline Services – Freight – Safety – Energy Efficiency – Connectivity 

The Scottish Transport Show is about all transport sectors:

Rail – Bus – Air – Marine – Road – Pedestrian – Taxi – Cycling

Who is it for?

The day is for all those who:

  • Supply the transport sector
  • Operate in the transport sector
  • Deliver services in the transport sector
  • Want to collaborate with the transport sector

Whether you supply the transport sector, are supported by the transport supply chain or want to collaborate in delivering excellence in Scottish transport the Scottish Transport Show is for you.

The Scottish Transport Show

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Ivan McKee MSP

Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, Scottish Government

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“I am pleased to announce that Transport Times is the official media partner for the Scottish Transport Show. We are proud to help launch this event which will allow delegates from across the industry to see the innovation being used to transform transport in Scotland.”

Professor David Begg,
Chief Executive, Transport Times and Scottish Transport Show Media Partner

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