MacKay Hannah

Smarter Greener Urban Places for Scotland: Ways to improve and modernise the infrastructure of our places

Thu 24th Jan 2019

, Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West

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This conference examines the core opportunities to modernise and improve the infrastructure of all Scotland's communities to create smarter, greener places.

The places we live in and the infrastructure we need to use are inextricably linked. So with the overwhelming majority of our population living in city, town and village clusters - and as our population grows - the demands for infrastructure and energy in those urban and quasi-urban locations are being driven upwards.

We also live in a globally competitive age of the 'smart' economy, where attracting investment and remaining competitive depends upon having places to live that are safe, healthy and promote inclusive growth. We need to develop infrastructure and services that are smart - capable of interlinking, evolving and contributing to produce places which become smarter, greener and cleaner.

How do we cope with the increased demands putting enormous pressures on transport, telecomms, energy, water, waste and building infrastructure? How do we deliver communications infrastructure, enable analytics and AI to be applied effectively and use data intelligently and creatively?

This conference will explain the what, why, when and where of modernising and improving the infrastructure of our places. It will discuss how this can be done with examples of real project development case studies that are already delivering smarter, greener places to live and work.

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear from experts in the field about the range of technologies and infrastructure available to transform our places
  • Examine how low carbon transport and electric vehicle infrastructure can be delivered more widely
  • Discuss ways in which thinking strategically and making smart infrastructure choices can achieve lower emissions, cleaner energy, strengthened resilience and better 'liveability'
  • Understand more about how the smartest spaces and places are moving toward integrated smart functioning across public and private sectors 
  • Learn more about the finance and innovative solutions available to support projects on different scales
  • Find out what's working and what's coming next for future places and how engaging with this change helps to deliver competitiveness
  • Great opportunity to learn from the experts and network with peers, getting to know and meet people delivering smart places and services and helping those who are doing so

Who Should Attend

This conference will be relevant for anyone involved in the planning, delivery and development of infrastructure, services and smart systems in Scottish cities, towns and villages whether in the public, private or third sector.

This includes transport and transport systems, heat and power suppliers and managers, waste managers and waste services, data and communications infrastructure and open data, renewable energy and distributed renewables initiatives, building and property managers and energy efficiency interests, streetlighting managers, those involved in AI and analytics services, utilities managers and those involved in all streetworks, planners, developers, public sector efficiency and change officers and leaders and department managers for services in health, education, emergency services, housing, local government and digital and data innovation and citizen inclusion.


Councillor Susan Aitken

Leader, Glasgow City Council

Anna Day

Partnership Manager, Urban Foresight

David Hytch

Director, Park Gate Consultants

Graham Ross

Partner, Austin-Smith:Lord

Nicholas Gubbins

Chief Executive, Community Energy Scotland

Andrew Langlands

Account Manager, Flexitricity

Ben Miller

Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Smart Energy GB

Jonathan Shaw

Product Analyst, Yotta

Dave Black

Digital Consultant, Sparck

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Good range of speakers & commentary on various aspects of Planning Review. Encouraged by optimism of speakers.

Peter Bain, Argyll & Bute Council,
Planning in Scotland Conference, October 2017