MacKay Hannah

Scotland's Journey to Net Zero: Delivering on the Scottish Government's response to climate emergency

Tue 1st Sep 2020

Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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IMPORTANT: In light of the development of Coronavirus and the importance of taking sensible measures to protect public health, the date of this conference has been rescheduled from pre-summer to this date.

This conference discusses the Scottish Government's objective of achieving a net zero Scotland by 2045, considers the policy and funding commitments announced by the First Minister to support that objective and looks at the challenges and opportunities for core carbon-emitting organisations, sectors and services in responding to the Scottish Government's ambitions.

As climate emergency has forced its way to the front of the policy agenda with scientific evidence, natural disasters and climate extremes regularly commanding news schedules, the Scottish Government responded with a series of initiatives announced in its Programme for Government. In addition, a number of major strategy deliberations have now been clustered around the response to climate emergency and have given additional opportunity to conceive and deliver a concerted policy and spending response to the challenge.

The priority given to the challenge by the Scottish Government has been categorical. Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister, Scottish Government has said: "In the next 12 months, we will receive the recommendations of the Infrastructure Commission, publish a finalised transport strategy, complete our capital spending review, renew the national planning framework and publish an updated climate change plan. All that work is vital in ensuring that Scotland becomes a net zero emissions nation." Programme for Government debate, Scottish Parliament, 3rd September 2019.

The Infrastructure Commission report, the Scottish Government's Capital Spending Review, development of National Planning Framework 4, an updated Climate Change Plan, the new National Transport Strategy and the climate priorities of the Programme for Government 2019-20 together constitute an unprecedented chance to genuinely join-up policy, spending and implementation focussed on achieving net zero. So how do we take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that potential is turned into delivery?

Benefits of Attending

  • Discuss how we can fund transformational change
  • Explore the need to join up strategy, policy and delivery
  • Learn the potential for developing smart low carbon city regions
  • Assess the prospects for decarbonising infrastructure
  • Discover how we should evolve from transport to clean, smart mobility
  • Hear how we can expand and exploit the role of clean energy
  • Know the role of behaviour change in consumption
  • Understand the benefits of reinventing our relationship with energy
  • Engage with the importance of consumers as market disruptors

Who Should Attend

This conference will be relevant for anyone involved in the planning, delivery or funding of decarbonisation of infrastructure, services, businesses, communities and household and individual patterns of behaviour in Scotland. This includes, in particular, transport, housing, planning, infrastructure and construction, energy and energy efficiency, public bodies and services, waste, digital, manufacturing and facilities management. It applies to public, private and Third sectors.

The conference is intended for all those working directly in roles responsible for reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and developing carbon zero pathways for the delivery of services and products in all sectors. It also applies to those holding policy, planning and financial responsibilities with an impact upon the future carbon footprint of their organisations, particularly where service transformation, organisational change or future organisational infrastructural planning and development are involved.

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The conference had a wide range of speakers covering different aspects of likely new planning legislative procedures. I took something from all the speakers. It was a very interesting conference - both beneficial and informative. All speakers spoke well and contributed to a whole range of matters from different perspectives with their specific fields of expertise. My main interests were presented and debated well.

Charles Johnston, Scottish Borders Council,
Delegate at Planning in Scotland Conference 2017

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