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ONLINE CONFERENCE Scotland’s Housing to 2040: Delivering on the Scottish Government’s Vision

Mon 15th Mar 2021

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This conference discusses the Scottish Government’s policies and vision to deliver ‘Housing to 2040’, examines related themes impacting upon housing policy and delivery – including the drive for Net Zero, the opportunity of Green Investment, the new Planning Act and development of NPF4 – and considers the role of local housing strategies, place-based policy, affordability and market interventions in influencing delivery in Scotland’s private and public housing markets.

The Scottish Government is committed to a ‘Housing to 2040’ vision and route map. This is intended to align with the new Infrastructure Investment Plan and the Capital Spending Review, also taking account of recommendations from the Infrastructure Commission for Scotland on strategic priorities. In addition, the Scottish Government’s 2019 ‘Programme for Government’, is littered with policy and spending initiatives focused on housing and housing-related issues including planning, decarbonisation and infrastructure investment, among others.

Programme for Government commitments include: “…Affordable Housing Supply Programme benefits our economy by £1.4 billion each year…Ensuring that new homes are energy efficient is key to tackling the global climate emergency and, by keeping heating costs low, contributes to our efforts to tackle poverty….We also want to ensure we have a healthy home ownership and new build sector…the fourth National Planning Framework will explore planning options that radically accelerate reduction of emissions…which sets out how and where development should take place across Scotland for the period to 2050…” Programme for Government, Scottish Government, 3rd September 2019

A wide range of policies are now driving how Scottish housing will develop in the years to 2040, many of which will determine the future of housing at a much higher strategic level – in the drive for carbon reduction, the transformation of planning and the aggregation of projects aimed at attracting large scale inward investment. If you want to understand how Scottish housing is likely to be shaped and changed across all sectors in the next 20 years this conference is for you.

The conference is structured to discuss Scotland’s housing in three parts:

  • Understanding Scotland’s Strategic Objectives and Key Drivers in Housing
  • Funding, Building and Affording
  • Planning, Delivery and Sustainability

Benefits of attending:

  • Hear from experts in the field about what ‘Housing to 2040’ says, how it can be implemented and what it means for housing in Scotland
  • Examine what the pursuit of Net Zero means for housing in Scotland – particularly for energy efficiency, energy retrofit, district and communal heating, renewable and low carbon heating and meeting EPC standards
  • Discuss the current and potential range of housing market interventions ranging from regulation of tenancies and Airbnb through to first time buyer support
  • Understand more about the potential for delivery of additional investment in housing from sources such as the Green Investment Portfolio and the Scottish National Investment Bank
  • Learn more about the overall direction of affordability in the Scottish housing market and the effects of multiplier costs – mortgages and rents, energy costs, and Council Tax
  • Find out how planning will have critical impact on housing delivery – NPF4, supporting supply and tackling emissions and determining where development will take place to 2040
  • Assess the importance and efficacy of Local Housing Strategies and the role of place in shaping delivery

Who should attend:

This conference will be relevant for anyone involved in the planning, development, delivery and management of housing in Scotland and associated activities such as infrastructure funding and investment, carbon reduction and energy efficiency, place-based and whole system policy development.

This includes house builders, developers, planners, housing and planning committee members, social housing providers, private landlords, community representatives, lawyers with housing and planning specialisms, architects & designers, housing advisors, housing and planning academics, housing funders and investors, carbon reduction advisors, specialists and implementation organisations including those in the field of energy efficiency, district heating, energy retrofit and heat decarbonisation. More generally it includes all public sector bodies with housing interests and responsibilities, private companies with engagement in the housing system, strategic bodies with an interest in housing and spatial planning, third & community sector organisations, and agencies and departments supporting housing development and growth.


Allan Lundmark

Board Member, Eildon Housing Association and Conference Chair

Dr John Boyle

Director of Research and Strategy, Rettie & Co

Professor Sean Smith

Prof of Future Construction & Director of Centre for Future Infrastructure, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Stefano Smith FRTPI

Director, Stefano Smith Planning

Fiona Clandillon

Associate Director, Scottish Futures Trust

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