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The Role of Regulators in Scotland: Delivering Effective Accountability and Scrutiny for Public Services, Markets and Consumers

Thu 12th Sep 2019

, Leonardo Murrayfield

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This conference discusses Scotland's regulators and regulatory regimes and the current and future approach in Scotland to the regulation of public services, markets and companies. It examines how disruptive technology and data, changing consumer demands, increased powers for the Scottish Parliament and developing trends in regulation have combined to affect accountability, service delivery and improvement.

In 2006 the Crerar Review reported its recommendations on how Scotland's systems of regulation, audit, and inspection and complaints handling for public services could be improved.  The 2014 Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act aimed to further improve the way regulation is developed and applied in order to deliver consistent and proportionate regulation. 

After twenty years of the Scottish Parliament, over a decade since the Crerar Review and five years following the Regulatory Reform Act, what has changed in how we regulate and what is expected in accountability? What new demands have been created by consumers sharing knowledge through legally enforcable information rights? How has the rise of social media in spreading information and disinformation changed the regulatory terrain? In what way has increased consumer and citizen willingness to participate in driving service change altered the challenges for service providers?

The conference will focus on the constantly developing landscape of regulatory requirements, compliance, audit and inspection in Scotland. It will discuss the better regulation agenda, examine key drivers of change, discuss implications for regulators and the regulated and consider how best to balance scrutiny with compliance.

This conference is structured to discuss regulation in Scotland in three parts:

  • Regulation, Audit and Good Corporate Governance
  • Data, Technology and Information - Drivers of Regulatory Danger
  • Where Regulation Stands and What's Next

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand how the pursuit of Better Regulation is being driven
  • Hear why and how auditing public services promotes best value
  • Discuss the role of good governance in regulatory compliance
  • Consider how compliance with GDPR matters in accountability and regulation
  • Learn about the profound impact of technology on regulators and the regulated
  • Examine the relationship between information rights and regulation
  • Reflect upon a regulator's perspective on how it regulates and why
  • Hear about the role of empowered consumers and complaints in influencing regulation
  • Engage with the impact of the Scottish Parliament, the Crerar Review and the Regulatory Reform Act in the last twenty years

Who should attend:

  • Regulators 
  • Public sector bodies
  • Businesses operating in Scotland
  • Third sector service deliverers
  • Customer services and complaints managers
  • Departmental directors and managers
  • Communications and marketing officers
  • Lawyers and legal advisors
  • FoI officers
  • Policy officers
  • Change managers
  • Heads of service


Rosemary Agnew

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Antony Clark

Audit Director, Audit Scotland

Ramsay Hall

Associate, Brodies

Maureen Falconer

Regional Manager, Information Commissioner's Office

Daren Fitzhenry

Scottish Information Commissioner

Peter Macleod

Chief Executive, Care Inspectorate

Saskia Kearns

Senior Policy Advisor - Consumer Policy & Interventions Team, Consumer & Competition Policy Unit, Scottish Government

Neil Stevenson

Chief Executive, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

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