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Changing Scottish Charity Law: What is the Scottish Government proposing and what more is possible?

This conference examines the Scottish Government's proposals to change Scottish charity law, discusses the wider strategic picture for charities and the Third Sector in Scotland, considers how the status and value of modern charities in Scotland can be more comprehensively enhanced and assesses core challenges on leadership, funding, social partnership and the core value of charities to civic Scotland.

Thu 7th Nov 2019


Hanover Housing Conference Centre

The New Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland: Who's included, what's covered, how will it work?

This conference will discuss the Scottish Government's announced proposals for a new deposit return scheme to cover metal cans, PET plastic and glass; it is intended to charge a 20p per container returnable deposit.

Thu 31st Oct 2019


Pinsent Masons

Re-Thinking Scotland's Health Care System: Getting to integration, care and prevention

This conference focuses on how Scotland can tackle the current challenges in the integration of health and social care and meet our wider health care reform needs reflected in those challenges. It discusses re-balancing the current primacy of hospital based services with the development of a more fit for purpose health care structure, encompassing primary and community based care and meeting the growing demand for management of longer term conditions.

Tue 29th Oct 2019


Leonardo Murrayfield

The Scottish Transport Show: For Scotland’s transport sector, suppliers and stakeholders

The Scottish Transport Show: Networking, discussion and exhibiting for all of Scotland’s transport sector, suppliers and stakeholders.

Wed 25th Sep 2019


Edinburgh Corn Exchange

The Role of Regulators in Scotland: Delivering Effective Accountability and Scrutiny for Public Services, Markets and Consumers

This conference discusses Scotland's regulators and regulatory regimes and the current and future approach in Scotland to the regulation of public services, markets and companies. It examines how disruptive technology and data, changing consumer demands, increased powers for the Scottish Parliament and developing trends in regulation have combined to affect accountability, service delivery and improvement.

Thu 12th Sep 2019


Leonardo Murrayfield

Scotland's New Planning Act: The Act, it's Consequences and Next Steps Explained

The Scottish Government's new Planning Act for Scotland aimed to ..."change planning's operation and its reputation from that of a regulator to a positive and active enabler of good quality development...". This conference explains whether it has been successful, the content and implications of the new Act and what you need to know about how the Act will affect planning and development in Scotland.

Tue 3rd Sep 2019


Royal Scots Club

Children and Young People's Mental Health in Scotland: Delivering joined-up prevention, intervention and whole community support

This conference discusses the Scottish Government's strategy to transform the provision of child and adolescent mental health services in Scotland. The specific new financial commitments to service expansion and the work of its joint Task Force on Children and Young People's Mental Health - which produced interim recommendations in September 2018 - set the scene for major service and policy developments.

Tue 21st May 2019


Royal Scots Club

The New Consumer Scotland Agency: Investigation is coming

This conference will examine proposals for the new Consumer Scotland agency. It will look at how it could fit into the existing advisory and regulatory framework of support for consumers and examine how it will use its powers and influence to mandate and advocate for change in marketplaces. It will look at what the focus of its in-depth investigation-led activities may be on issues which are either particular to Scotland or which manifest beyond Scotland but have a unique Scottish dimension.

Tue 30th Apr 2019


Leonardo Murrayfield

2nd Annual Scottish Passenger and Public Transport Conference: Disruptive technology and demanding times

This conference will bring together representatives from Scotland’s passenger and public transport interests with innovators in disruptive technology to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead as services and passenger expectations are transformed by digital opportunity.

Wed 27th Mar 2019


Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West

Delivering Effective Justice in Scotland: Getting smarter on crime and the causes of crime

This conference focuses on Scotland's approach to criminal justice and discusses both 'what works' and which public service, cultural, health and environmental factors need to be recognised and targeted. It looks at whether it is possible to deliver an inclusive strategy which sees justice as part of a much wider policy challenge across the economy, health, education and broader public services as well as public engagement.

Thu 21st Mar 2019


Royal Scots Club

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