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Scotland's Government, Scotland's Parliament and MSPs: How they work and how to influence them

This conference examines how the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament, Ministers and MSPs work and explains the policy and media context within which decision making in those organisations takes place. The conference is aimed at people and organisations who need to be heard in high places in order to influence policy and decision making.

Thu 5th Mar 2020


Leonardo Murrayfield

Delivering Scotland's New Infrastructure and Increased Capital Investment: 10th Annual Conference

This conference examines the Scottish Government's plans for delivering new infrastructure and capital investment in Scotland. It discusses the implications of raising overall levels of capital expenditure by an additional £1.5 billion per year and, alongside that, the objectives of the work of the Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Infrastructure Commission.

Thu 30th Jan 2020


Leonardo Murrayfield

12th Annual Conference and Award for Executive Secretaries and PAs in Scotland (ACES 2020): A New Decade - It's all about the cloud...

2020 will see the 12th Annual ACES Conference - Awarding and Celebrating Excellence in Scotland - the original event and award ceremony of its kind for PAs, EAS, Office Managers and office support professionals in Scotland. Join us in recognising, celebrating and awarding PA success in Scotland.

Fri 24th Jan 2020


Kimpton Charlotte Square

Brexit Is Coming: Understanding what happens next

This conference, run in association with Morton Fraser LLP, examines the consequences of a deal or no deal between the UK and the EU. It will set out how the core elements of any deal – or an exit with no deal - will affect trade, access to EU markets and economic prospects and the impact of these changes upon labour for private and public sectors, tariffs, rules and regulations, customs and supply chains. If you want to understand the consequences of a deal or no deal Brexit for your organisation, start here.

Wed 15th Jan 2020


Morton Fraser Lawyers

Care of Older People in Scotland 2019: 7th Annual Conference

The 7th annual care of older people in Scotland conference focuses on the challenge of delivering excellent care. How can this be managed in the context of an older population which is growing annually, rising expectations about care quality, a wider understanding of care rights and acute pressures created by increased resource demand?

Thu 12th Dec 2019


Wheatley Academy

Reform of Adults with Incapacity Law in Scotland: Understanding and shaping what is coming next

This conference examines the Scottish Government's proposals to reform the Adults with Incapacity Act of 2000. It discusses the planned changes to powers, rights and regulation which will affect how the interests of individuals with incapacity are safeguarded. The conference will assess the implications for Guardians, adults with incapacity and regulators, and for institutions and organisations delivering care and support to adults with incapacity.

Thu 28th Nov 2019


Hanover Housing Conference Centre

Changing Scottish Charity Law: What is the Scottish Government proposing and what more is possible?

This conference examines the Scottish Government's proposals to change Scottish charity law, discusses the wider strategic picture for charities and the Third Sector in Scotland, considers how the status and value of modern charities in Scotland can be more comprehensively enhanced and assesses core challenges on leadership, funding, social partnership and the core value of charities to civic Scotland.

Thu 7th Nov 2019


Hanover Housing Conference Centre

The New Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland: Who's included, what's covered, how will it work?

This conference will discuss the Scottish Government's announced proposals for a new deposit return scheme to cover metal cans, PET plastic and glass; it is intended to charge a 20p per container returnable deposit.

Thu 31st Oct 2019


Pinsent Masons

Re-Thinking Scotland's Health Care System: Getting to integration, care and prevention

This conference focuses on how Scotland can tackle the current challenges in the integration of health and social care and meet our wider health care reform needs reflected in those challenges. It discusses re-balancing the current primacy of hospital based services with the development of a more fit for purpose health care structure, encompassing primary and community based care and meeting the growing demand for management of longer term conditions.

Tue 29th Oct 2019


Leonardo Murrayfield

The Scottish Transport Show: For Scotland’s transport sector, suppliers and stakeholders

The Scottish Transport Show: Networking, discussion and exhibiting for all of Scotland’s transport sector, suppliers and stakeholders.

Wed 25th Sep 2019


Edinburgh Corn Exchange

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