MacKay Hannah

Managing Scottish Public Sector Budgets: Ideas for challenging times

Wed 3rd Sep 2014

, Novotel Edinburgh Centre

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This 6th annual conference on public sector budgets will continue the themes of previous years in seeking new ways to deliver services at lower cost, innovating to make existing budgets deliver higher service levels and showcasing working models of partnership which have already delivered proven savings.

Public sector budgets face severe challenges in the years ahead as the acute end of the austerity squeeze takes hold. The outlook for budgets remains bleak as the drive to reduce public sector borrowing and debt continues. However many organisations in the public sector are finding ways to innovate and deliver change in ways which deliver far more value than simply cost cutting. The challenge is to:

Find significant cash-releasing efficiency savings in the context of the overall financial picture

  • Secure realistic and achievable plans for service improvement across prioritised services
  • Identify mechanisms for investment in staff development, process improvement and new technology platforms to deliver more efficient services
  • Develop new partnership models

This conference will feature a range of case studies whose core themes will aim to share how to:

  • Build new models of business, service delivery and partnership
  • Deliver changed services strategically, avoiding the costly mistakes of top slicing budgets
  • Restructure what you’ve got, to deliver leaner, more efficient services
  • Adopt and adapting what is already being done elsewhere to help in your own circumstances


Fiona Kordiak

Director of Audit Services, Audit Scotland

John McLaren

Independent Economist, Researcher and Honorary Professor of Public Policy at the University of Glasgow Business School


Kenny Dick Head of Finance and Corporate Governance, Care Inspectorate

Colin Ferguson Chief Executive, Route Monkey

Iain Gulland Director, Zero Waste Scotland

Eira Hammond HR and Payroll Expert, BT

Gregor Paterson-Jones Managing Director - Energy Efficiency, UK Green Investment Bank

Allan Doyle Managing Director, APS Group Scotland

Johanna Dow Financial Director, Business Stream

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I had attended the previous seminar which was why I attended this one too. The seminar was a reminder or refresher of what I already know. However I will take away some good points from today. It was good to learn more about the balance of views and rights and it was very interesting to get an insight into Tam's (Baillie) experiences as Children's Commissioner.

Janet O'Connor, CHAS,
Delegate at Understanding and Delivering Children's Rights Seminar