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Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences </p>


Human Rights in Scotland: understanding the challenges and embracing the opportunities

Tue 4th Mar 2014

Glasgow, Thistle Hotel Glasgow

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“The Scottish Government wishes to see Scotland reflected as a modern, responsible nation, with a commitment to protecting, respecting and realising human rights. Within the UK, Scotland takes a distinctive approach realising international human rights standards, and securing recognition at the UN level of this diversity is important.”

Letter from Roseanna Cunningham to Lord McNally 29th August 2012

Human rights are too often understood in Scotland as belonging to some other rather than being owned by us all, equally. The values and standards of human rights need to be better understood by civil society and public sector bodies in Scotland, to influence how they do business and so people ‘enjoy’ their human rights.

Across the public sector in Scotland, there is little evidence that human rights explicitly inform the design, delivery and funding of public services. In 2006 a survey revealed that “65.5% of those surveyed either did not understand their duties under the Human Rights Act 1998 or could not provide evidence of steps taken to comply with those duties”. An updated survey in 2010 concluded “10 out of the 42 public bodies admitted they could not provide explicit steps taken to implement or put into practice compliance with Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 in the last 3 years”.

This conference aims to promote greater respect for the importance of human rights by ensuring a better understanding of the extent of the obligations and freedoms deriving from domestic and international human rights law.

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Shona Robison MSP

Minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport

Professor Alan Miller

Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission

Alastair Pringle

National Director- Scotland, Equality & Human Rights Commission


Councillor Archie Graham Depute Leader and Executive Member for the Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow City Council

Theresa Fyffe Director, Royal College of Nursing Scotland

Christine O'Neill Partner and Chairman, Brodies LLP

Carole Ewart Chair, Human Rights Consortium Scotland

Rosemary Agnew Scottish Information Commissioner

Teresa Bergin Director of Programmes, UNICEF UK

Lauren Wood Access to Justice Policy Officer, Citizens Advice Scotland

Dr Elaine Webster The Centre for the Study of Human Rights Law, University of Strathclyde

Professor Greg Philo Research Director, Glasgow University Media Unit & Professor of Communications and Social Change

Nick Higgins Director, Creative Media Academy and Chair, Media Practice, University of the West of Scotland

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Just wanted to drop you a very quick line to say today's Domestic Abuse conference was excellent, one of the best conferences I have been at, some really engaging speakers and really meaty topics - the legal aspects as covered by Lesley Thomson, Morag Driscoll, and the debaters at the end, were really useful. Well done and thanks for asking me to be part of it!

Jenny Kemp,
Zero Tolerance

Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences</p>