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Data Safety in Scottish Health and Social Care Partnerships

Tue 6th Oct 2015

Edinburgh, Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West

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This conference will examine the data sharing and data safety challenges faced by NHS Boards and Councils in Scotland as they prepare for the integration of health and social care.

In April 2016 the integration of health and social care will go live in all partnerships and those partnerships have now submitted their integrated care plans. Putting plans into place is the next step.

While much of Scotland has seen Integrated Joint Boards set up to oversee strategic and budget decisions, one of the core delivery challenges will be to ensure that essential patient data is available across partnerships in ways which are accessible, safe, and secure.

Featuring a keynote contribution from the Information Commissioner's Office for Scotland this conference will discuss the systems, cultural practice and policies needed to successfully deliver the data element of the new service.

Among the topics to be examined at the conference will be:

  • The importance of strong and transparent information governance models
  • Being pragmatic in the design and implementation of data sharing agreements
  • Data controllers and data processors: Identifying the differences, understanding the governance responsibilities
  • What is meant by the co-production and co-creation of records?
  • What information should be shared? And with which partners?
  • Setting agreed standards for information sharing and remembering the Caldicott principles
  • Information governance across SWAN and other shared portals
  • Putting people at the centre of their care – improving the accessibility of health information
  • What does good practice look like?
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Maureen Falconer

Senior Policy Officer, Information Commissioner's Office - Scotland

Geoff Huggins

Acting Director of Health and Social Care Integration, Scottish Government


Lynda Gauld Director, Baccus Consulting - Conference Chair

Peter McColl Head of Policy for Scotland, Nesta

Dr Angus Ferguson Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow in Social Sciences, College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow

Leslie Stevens ESRC Research Fellow, Edinburgh Law School - University of Edinburgh

Rami Kujanpaa Director, International Sales - Finnish and Danish Healthcare IP

Andrew Turner Head of Information Assurance and Security, NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Andy Williamson SWAN Programme Manager, Scottish Government

Fiona Murphy Associate Director for National Information & Intelligence, NHS National Services Scotland

Scott Heald Associate Director for Data Management and Head of Profession for Statistics, National Services Scotland

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In order that they can operate effectively, Boards and other decision-makers must be presented with accurate and relevant information on which to assess their options. Key to this is to have business processes which facilitate access to robust data and other information to ensure the efficient running of the organisation and the effective delivery of its services. Introducing and applying good information management procedures will undoubtedly help assist achieving these aims.

Ken Macdonald,
Assistant Commissioner (Scotland & Northern Ireland)

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