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Public Sector Digital Scotland: Combining web, social media and service delivery for better public access and joined-up services

Tue 3rd Sep 2013

Linlithgow, Sun Oracle Executive Briefing Centre

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This conference will examine how public sector budgets can find help from public sector social media by enabling consumers to help drive the shape of service delivery.

Public sector web sites and social media channels are increasingly the core method by which public bodies communicate with their service consumers. The capacity of these functions to deliver important and swiftly changing information is critical in almost every service area. These communication channels also have the potential to be core drivers of change and modernisation by allowing the consumers of services to reflect back to service providers information on which services are valuable, which work best and which are redundant or need to evolve.

Yet often the website and social media functions sit apart from those responsible for service reform, policy managers and senior decision makers. This conference will explore how all of Scotland’s public sector organisations can use their web and social media capability to both support the delivery of public services and help to re-engineer where, when and how services are delivered.

How can we best build digital public services and engage consumers with services? Conference partners will come from leading public, private and third sector organisations expert in the use of social media in communicating with their customers and reshaping their products and services.

This conference will give Scotland’s public sector bodies – both the social media communicators and the service deliverers – the opportunity to come together in a positive discussion on achieving first class public services for Scotland.

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John Swinney MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth


Polly Purvis Executive Director, ScotlandIS and Conference Chair

Colin Cook Deputy Director - Digital Strategy and Programmes, Scottish Government

Joel Bailey Director of Service Design, Capita

Alex Hill Chief Government Advisor - Scotland and Northern Ireland, Met Office

Martin Jordan Marketing Director Internet, Equator

SallyAnn Kelly Council Web Manager, City of Edinburgh Council

Stuart McRae Executive Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist, IBM Collaboration Solutions

Kyle Thornton MSYP Chair, Scottish Youth Parliament

Caroline Stuart Director, Oracle Scotland

Dave Black Design Magician, Black Arts Studio

Iain Cherry Government Business Unit Director, Amor Group

Debra Allison Deputy Public Guardian, Office of Public Guardian

Scott Riley Senior UK Designer, Jadu

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I spend a good proportion of my time talking about innovation, and it's essential there's innovation across all of our public services. One Public Sector Expo is a good illustration of the way we can bring together some thinking about the challenges for public services with practical solutions on display around the Expo.

John Swinney MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth,
Speaking at One Public Sector Scotland Expo 2013