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ONLINE CONFERENCE Children and Young People's Mental Health in Scotland 2021: Delivering the Task Force aims during and after COVID-19 - prevention, early intervention, seamless support

Thu 25th Mar 2021

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This conference discusses how to successfully implement the Scottish Government's strategy to transform child and adolescent mental health services in Scotland, the role all organisations and sectors need to play in delivering a 'No Wrong Door' outcome and the implications of the year of COVID for children’s mental health.

This follows the recommendations of the Children and Young People's Mental Health Taskforce, Scottish Government announcements of additional funding in successive Programmes for Government and commitments in starting in September 2019 to implement taskforce recommendations with specific new initiatives.

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister, Scottish Government, has made successive explicit and specific commitments to transforming the approach, level of funding and range of services targeted on delivering better mental health and wellbeing for young people. These are characterised in the two quotes below from successive Programme for Government Parliamentary statements in 2018 and 2019:

"We will invest £60 million in additional school nursing and counselling services.....and ensure that every secondary school has a counselling service. We will enhance support and professional learning materials for teachers and ensure that, by the end of the academic year 2019-20, every local authority has access to mental health first-aid training for teachers." 


"This year, working with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, we will implement our plans for a community wellbeing service across Scotland, which will be supported by £17 million of additional funding over the next two years. That service will focus initially on people who are aged between five and 24. However, I can advise Parliament that we will also begin to consider how it can, in the future, be extended to people of all ages. That is an important investment in the wellbeing and happiness of our young people that will bring short-term and long-term benefits for our society."

The recommendations of the Task Force were published in July 2019. It concluded that new focus is needed on prevention and early intervention, better joined-up and seamless general support, and called for more immediately available specialist services - with the promotion of a whole community approach to understanding where mental health and wellbeing problems are best supported. Dr Dame Denise Coia stated "A key aspect of this development will be the principle of 'No Wrong Door'. I want to see an end to signposting that is not effective".

New government funding is in place, the Task Force's recommendations are clear and the emergence of initiatives such as new community wellbeing services across Scotland present an opportunity to transform both services and the mental health of our children and young people. This conference discusses the core challenges faced by all organisations and individuals with obligations to help make work the whole system approach to delivering good mental health for Scotland's children and young people.

The conference will consider the unique financial, policy and service delivery opportunities ahead together with the unprecedented challenges arising during the year of COVID and likely to present through 2021 and beyond. It will discuss the available best practice and look at how all those with a responsibility for improving services across agencies must come together to deliver a holistic, needs-based model to transform child and adolescent mental health in Scotland. It will also examine some key contemporary challenges to positive mental health - in particular the emergence of online issues associated with social media, gaming and gambling and the barriers felt by young people to accessing existing services.

Benefits of Attending

  • Know what Scottish Government wants to achieve in child mental health
  • Discuss how Scotland wide commitment and leadership should impact
  • Assess how the whole system approach, early intervention and prevention can be implemented
  • Learn about the need to promote a multi sector workforce
  • Engage in how CAMHS should be delivered with young people co-designing service delivery
  • Hear the generational mental health impact of online - social media, gaming, gambling
  • Share the barriers to service use and how to overcome them
  • Explore how innovation, change and technology can be used effectively
  • Discover what can be learned from a case study and reflection on what works

Who Should Attend

This conference will be relevant for anyone involved in the planning, delivery or improvement of Child Mental Health Services in Scotland and anyone working with children and young people in Scotland. This includes health, education, social care, academic and Third sectors. The conference is intended for all those working in children's health services, child protection and welfare, teachers and fellow professionals and staff in schools at Nursery, Primary and Secondary level, social care professionals delivering child services and dealing with the range of associated issues including family and relationship breakdown, poverty, nutrition, bullying, substance misuse, abuse and bereavement, Third Sector organisations providing child and family mental health and other support services and policy makers and service leaders in national and local government and related services and bodies.


Martin Dorchester

Chief Executive, Includem

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