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ONLINE CONFERENCE Care of Older People in Scotland 2021: 8th Annual Conference

Thu 28th Oct 2021

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This conference – the 8th annual care of older people in Scotland conference – focuses on the core challenges facing care delivery for older people in the time of COVID and beyond. It examines the care of older people after pandemic and how we empower older people and value the care workers supporting them. It looks at what we need to do to get it right on frailty and pharmacy to drive up quality of life for older people. It is intended for all people and organisations involved in the care of older people in Scotland.

Care delivery for older people takes place in a wide variety of settings. In hospitals and institutions delivering episodic care, older people tend to be admitted to acute settings, often for longer periods than medically required. Statistics show that older people living alone – often in accommodation unsuited to their care needs – is helping to drive the smaller households' trend.

The challenge then is to deliver the right care, in the right setting with care givers who are well trained and well versed in best practice. We need to both meet future health and care demands and balance immediate needs with the challenge of a long-term preventative approach to older people’s health. How should we innovate to adopt and share best practice? What fresh challenges are emerging to be met, particularly through and after COVID?

This conference will discuss new challenges and learning arising from the experience of the COVID pandemic for delivering the best care for older people. It will also reflect on the longer term and recurring demands of delivering consistent and high quality care for our growing population of older people. The conference will focus on care standards and provision, the empowerment and valuing of older people and care workers and the importance of addressing frailty and good practice pharmacy as core drivers of the best care of older people.

Benefits of attending

  • Discuss the care of older people in Scotland after COVID
  • Explore how we deliver a culture of care and empowerment for older people and carers
  • Assess where the Health and Social Care Standards now stand following the 2011-2021 Programme for Change and through pandemic
  • Share in best practice on care workforce development and innovation
  • Find out what is needed from all partners in care to deliver high quality older people care
  • Hear the care provider's perspective on meeting higher care standards amid rising cost and demand
  • Learn how the right approaches to frailty and pharmacy can transform care
  • Discover what a rights based approach to care of older people looks like in everyday practice

Who should attend

This conference will be relevant for anyone involved in the care and support of older people in Scotland in home, medical, residential, care and other settings. This includes:

  • healthcare professionals, social work and other care staff
  • providers of residential and home support care services
  • lawyers, advisory and other organisations engaged with the personal, rights or financial interests of older people
  • rights advisors
  • service managers in public, private and third sector care delivery organisations
  • regulatory bodies
  • anyone with responsibility for understanding and shaping policy and practice in bodies which deliver care of older people


Louise Scott

Team Leader, Older People's Health, Scottish Government

Karen Hedge

National Director, Scottish Care

Margaret McKeith

Assistant Director, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Jess Alexander

Learning and Development Manager (Leadership and Improvement Learning), SSSC

Andrena Faulkner

Evidence and Influencing Co-ordinator, People Affected by Dementia Programme, Life Changes Trust

Professor Anne Hendry

Senior Associate, IFIC; Director, IFIC Scotland; and Deputy Honorary Secretary, British Geriatrics Society

Laura Wilson MRPharmS

Policy & Practice Lead, Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland

Lynda Gauld

Director, Baccus Consulting

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