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Care of Older People in Scotland 2018: 6th Annual Conference

Tue 20th Nov 2018

, Wheatley Academy

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Our 6th annual conference on care of older people in Scotland focuses on the impact of a growing older population, rising expectations of quality care and the rising pressures created by increased resource demand upon the challenge of delivering excellent care.

This year’s conference will discuss how we meet future health and care demands, balancing immediate care needs with the challenge of a longer term preventative approach to older peoples’ health. It will ask how we ensure this does not become an impossible task while seeking to achieve consistency and equality in the delivery of care across Scotland.

The programme will consider innovation, adopting and sharing best practice and understanding the new care challenges presented by advances in digital and date developments, medical capacity and advances and the increasing role of legal rights in driving and guaranteeing patient care.

The three sessions for the day cover tomorrow’s care opportunities, what we should be aiming for in care of older people and what best practice in the delivery of care looks like.

Among the themes to be addressed will be:

  • Care of Older People Strategy
  • Care Delivery Models - The new demands of older people
  • The Integrated Care Opportunity
  • Innovation and Development for Workforces
  • Empowerment in Care
  • Achieving High Care Standards
  • What the Digital and Data Age Means for Care
  • Longer Living  - Where medical care and health is going
  • Care Is My Right - Rights, Redress and Responsibilities


Sandra McDonald

Director, EX-PG Ltd (and former Public Guardian for Scotland)

Irene Oldfather

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Engagement, The ALLIANCE

Dr Joan Murphy

Co-Director, Talking Mats

Lorraine Linton

Operations and Development Director (Community Services) Scotland, Sue Ryder

Eileen McKenna

Associate Director of Professional Practice, RCN Scotland

Mairi O'Keefe

Patron ,Founder and former CEO of, Leuchie House

Mandy Andrew

Senior Programme Manager, NHS Lanarkshire and ADVANTAGE European Joint Action On Frailty

Christine Bell

Executive Officer, Cycling Without Age

Diarmaid Lawlor

Director of Place, Architecture and Design Scotland

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All very relevant and useful, thought provoking ideas to consider in our own service.

Agnes Bell, Eildon Housing Association,
Care of Older People in Scotland 2016