MacKay Hannah

ONLINE CONFERENCE Understanding How Coronavirus Has Changed Our World: What’s coming next?


09:25 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Session One: Planning for Uncertainty

09:30 Keynote Address

09:50 Questions and Discussion

10:00 Comfort Break

Session Two: The Global and National Dynamic

10:15 Global Institutions, Events and Developments

  • Global responses to Coronavirus
  • Key global inflection points ahead
  • The psychology and economy of now and ‘New Normal’

10:30 Rethinking Public Services

  • The impact of coronavirus on the delivery of public services
  • How service demand may change in ‘New Normal’
  • How do we plan for uncertainty in service demand, delivery and funding?

10:50 Questions and Discussion

11:15 Comfort Break

Session Three: Core Consequences – Public Health and the Economy

11:30 Rethinking the Post Pandemic Approach to Public Health

  • The public health response to Coronavirus so far
  • Lessons learned and best practice
  • How does our public health strategy need to evolve?

11:45 The Economic Impact of Coronavirus – What happens next?

  • Understanding the global and national economic consequences of year one
  • What are the possible medium-term and long-term impacts?
  • Responding globally and nationally – what should happen next?

12:00 Questions and Discussion

12:15 Comfort Break

Session Four: Two Core Challenges – Strengthening Resilience and Delivering Public Mobility

12:30 Organisational, Community and Individual Resilience and Adaptability

  • How resilient have we been so far?
  • Resilience and adaptability – what can we learn from the best outliers?
  • The move from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’ – developing resilience effectiveness

12:45 Getting Moving Again – Coronavirus and the viability of transport

  • Transport, public health and the economy – why we can’t just stop
  • The deadly effect of the virus for public and passenger transport
  • How do we protect our ability to move now and after Coronavirus?

13:00 Questions and Discussion

13:15 Chair’s Closing Remarks

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There were so many excellent speakers. I found the speakers and content interesting, inspiring and motivating. There was a lot to take in that has left me with lots of thinking, lots of interesting links to follow up on and lots of useful reflections for my work and my organisation. It was a really good range of topics and very well chaired!

Ali Gornall, Big Noise Govanhill,
Delegate at Raising Young Scots Conference, November 2017

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