MacKay Hannah

ONLINE CONFERENCE Scotland's Journey to Net Zero: Delivering on the Scottish Government's response to climate emergency


09:25 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Session One: Core Drivers of Change - Strategy, Policy and Funding
09:30 Keynote Address
  • Understanding the Scottish Government's approach
  • Global drivers of change
  • Multi-disciplinary delivery across sectors and services
09:50 Question and Answer Session
10:00 Funding Transformational Change
  • The scale of the investment challenge
  • How can additional funding be leveraged in?
  • Finding support for £3 billion of Scottish projects
10:15 Question and Answer Session
10:25 Comfort Break

Session Two: Transforming Infrastructure - Reinventing the Carbon Footprint of Energy, Movement and Structures

10:40 Developing Smart Low Carbon City Regions
  • Green City Deals - rethinking our cities and regions
  • The challenge of housing
  • Achieving net zero and inclusion within and beyond the city
10:55 Moving from Transport to Clean, Smart Mobility
  • Achieving the fastest gains in the highest emitting sector
  • What does the new National Transport Strategy mean for climate action?
  • Decarbonising transport modes and changing the way we travel
11:10 Decarbonising Infrastructure
Stefano Smith, Director, Stefano Smith Planning
  • Scotland's strategic priorities for infrastructure spending
  • What infrastructure is needed and which should be funded?
  • How can we meet the 2045 target?
11:25 Question and Answer Session
11:45 Comfort Break

Session Three: People and Patterns of Behaviour - Changing What, How and Why We Consume
12noon The Role of Behaviour Change in Consumption
Teneille Humphris, Policy Manager, Smart Energy GB
  • Promoting climate friendly consumption patterns
  • Can public awareness campaigns contribute?
  • Understanding what consumers respond to
12:15 Reinventing our Relationship with Energy
  • The role of clean energy – Renewable, local, sustainable
  • Domestic and commercial consumption - how much can be achieved?
  • Maximising energy efficiency
  • Informed and empowered energy consumers
12:30 Consumers as Market Disruptors?
Dr Stephen Hall, University Academic Fellow, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds
  • The role of social media
  • Points of disruption - consumer choices, shareholders and extinction rebels
  • Collective action in the digital age
12:45 Question and Answer Session
13:05-13:10 Chair's Closing Remarks

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The conference had a wide range of speakers covering different aspects of likely new planning legislative procedures. I took something from all the speakers. It was a very interesting conference - both beneficial and informative. All speakers spoke well and contributed to a whole range of matters from different perspectives with their specific fields of expertise. My main interests were presented and debated well.

Charles Johnston, Scottish Borders Council,
Delegate at Planning in Scotland Conference 2017

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