MacKay Hannah

Scotland’s Housing to 2040: Delivering on the Scottish Government’s Vision


0830-0930 Registration and Refreshments
0930-0935 Chair's Opening Remarks
Session One: Understanding Scotland’s Strategic Objectives and Key Drivers in Housing
0935-0955 Keynote Address
0955-1010 Question and Answer Session
1010-1030 Net Zero and Scottish Housing
  • District and communal heating
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy retrofitting
  • Heat decarbonisation
  • Renewable and low carbon heating
1030-1050 Housing to 2040: What’s the plan?
  • What should our homes and communities be like by 2040?
  • Scotland’s housing system re-imagined
  • Delivering on the big four - Volume, adaptations, energy efficiency and improvements
  • Achieving a whole systems approach – What is required?
1050-1110 Question and Answer Session
1110-1130 Refreshment Break
Session Two: Funding, Building and Affording
1130-1150 Market Interventions - Regulation and Subsidy
  • What market intervention currently looks like in Scotland
  • Airbnb, the private rented sector and housing supply
  • Scottish Housing Regulation - What’s the right balance?
  • Supporting first time buyers
1150-1210 Delivering Investment in Scottish Housing
  • The public investment curve - What does it look like and where is it going?
  • The Scottish National Investment Bank
  • The role of the Green Investment Portfolio
  • Can we have housing investment at scale that delivers affordability and sustainability?
1210-1230 Affordability for All – The Whole Cost Picture for Housing
  • The pattern in house price and home rental costs - Where the housing market is headed
  • Energy costs and housing affordability
  • Council tax - Fair, sustainable and affordable?
1230-1250 Question and Answer Session
1250-1350 Lunch 
1350-1355 Chair's Welcome Back
Session Three: Planning, Delivery and Sustainability
1355-1415 The Central Role of Planning in Delivery
  • What will National Planning Framework 4 mean for housing?
  • Delivering on housing supply and emissions reduction
  • Development - How and where will it take place to 2040?
1415-1435 Local Housing Strategies
  • Are our local housing strategies fit for purpose?
  • Aligning national objectives, local strategies and community engagement
  • Turning paper strategies into bricks and mortar - What is required?
1435-1455 Transformation in Housing - The Context of Place
  • Place and Place-Based Principles in Housing
  • Housing, Sustainable Regeneration and Place
  • Delivering housing as though whole systems mattered
1455-1515 Question and Answer Session
1515-1520 Chair's Closing Remarks

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