MacKay Hannah

Re-Thinking Scotland's Health Care System: Getting to integration, care and prevention


0845-0930 Registration and Refreshments
0930-0935 Chair's Opening Remarks
Session One: Understanding the Current Strategic Picture on Health
0935-0955 Innovation and Transformation:  Studies in integrating care and health
Professor Anne Hendry, Senior Associate, International Foundation for Integrated Care
  • What should innovation look like and where does it exist?
  • Insights from Brazil, New South Wales and the Seychelles and experience in small islands systems
  • Leveraging wider learned experience for Scotland
0955-1015 Health and Social Care: What we are seeing now and what we need to address
Claire Sweeney, Assistant Director, Audit Scotland
  • The impact of integrating health and social care services so far
  • Understanding the six areas of change required in delivery of integrated services 
  • What best practice tells us about deeper integration and wider health care provision
1015-1045 Keynote Address
Our Possible Health System: What we know
Professor David Kerr CBE FRCP FMedSci, Professer of Cancer Medicine, University of Oxford
RDMOxford OCBiomarkers
  • Achieving proactive, integrated and preventative care for chronic conditions
  • Patient pathways excellence - from primary and secondary care to networks linking local and major teaching hospitals, service distribution between hospital clusters and national planning of complex services
  • A more organic, seamless NHS? Enhancing care quality by incentivising collaboration, innovation and integration
  • Harnessing the potential of data, digital and AI transformation to connect clinical care, joining up primary and secondary health provision across the NHS for faster and better diagnosis, treatment and research
1045-1105 Question and Answer Session
1105-1125 Refreshment Break
Session Two: Treating Health With Radical Thinking
1125-1145 Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Healthcare in Scotland: Pros and Cons
Dr Paul Woolman, PhD C.Eng FBCS, International Health Informatics Consultant
  • Some examples of use of data for planning and prediction of events to assist patient care and service provision in NHS Scotland and elsewhere in Europe
  • Recent developments in national databases of citizens health and social care data, in both Scotland and Europe and the impact on medical confidentiality
  • The interpretation of GDPR in NHS Scotland compared with elsewhere in Europe
1145-1205 Lessons From Abroad: Big lessons from small nations?
Dr Sophie Flemig, Chief Executive, The Cattanach Charitable Trust
  • What is the learned experience of health provision in other similar sized nations?
  • Focussing on the healthy citizen in a wider public health approach
  • Can we de-politicise debate on the rational provision of health?
1205-1225 Predicting to Prevent? Using data to effect personal and system change
Professor Matthew Cooke, Chief Clinical Officer, Capgemini UK
1225-1245 Question and Answer Session
1245-1325 Lunch 
1325-1330 Chair's Welcome Back
Session Three: Rethinking and Rebalancing Health - Getting from Services to Care
1330-1400 Rethinking and Rebalancing Health: Promoting prevention, positive health and local services
Question & Answer Session
Anas Sarwar MSP, Member of the Scottish Parliament and former Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, Scottish Labour Party
1400-1430 Rethinking and Rebalancing Health: Getting from Services to Care
Question & Answer Session
Alison Keir, Policy Officer Scotland, Royal Collage of Occupational Therapists
1430 Chair's Closing Remarks

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Overall this was a good day with very good speakers and presentations.

Trish Gray, NHS Education for Scotland,
Delegate at 5th Annual Care of Older People Conference, November 2017