MacKay Hannah

The Role of Regulators in Scotland: Delivering Effective Accountability and Scrutiny for Public Services, Markets and Consumers


0830-0930 Registration and Refreshments
Session One: Regulation, Audit and Good Corporate Governance
0930-0950 Chair's Opening Remarks and Introduction
Rosemary Agnew, Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
0950-1010 The Importance of Good Corporate Governance
Antony Clark, Audit Director, Audit Scotland
  • Scotland's public finances 
  • Principals of good governance
  • Governance and service outcomes
  • Getting it right, and wrong
1010-1030 Regulatory Decision Making - Do's and Don'ts
Ramsay Hall, Associate, Brodies
  • Basic principles of regulatory decision making including the duty to give reasons and legitimate expectations
  • The implications of going wrong, including the potential for legal challenge
  • Steps that can be taken to limit the risk of going wrong
1030-1050 Question and Answer Session
1050-1110 Refreshment Break
Session Two: Data, Technology and Information The Drivers of Regulatory Danger
1110-1130 Accountability, Regulation and GDPR
Maureen Falconer, Regional Manager, Information Commissioner's Office
  • What goes wrong and where?
  • Can you report within 72 hours?
  • A hierarchy of regulatory action
1130-1150 The Impact of Technology On Regulation and Accountability
  • How technology is transforming what is regulated and what is accountable
  • Using new technology for stronger compliance
  • Disruptive technology, the empowerment of consumers and the rise of transparency
1150-1210 Information, Rights and Regulation
Daren Fitzhenry, Scottish Information Commissioner
  • What does Freedom of Information (FOI) best practice look like in 2019?
  • What do recent FOI developments tell us?
  • The role of information access in driving improvement in governance and service delivery
1210-1230 Question and Answer Session
1230-1320 Lunch 
1320-1325 Chair's Welcome Back
Rosemary Agnew, Scottish Public Services Ombudsman
Session Three: Where Regulation Stands and What's Next
1325-1345 A Regulator's Perspective
Peter Macleod, Chief Executive, Care Inspectorate
CareInspect CIPeterMacleod
  • How the remit of a regulator drives its interaction with those it regulates
  • What a culture of engagement with improvement looks like
  • What the regulator sees in organisations keen to embrace regulation to improve service
1345-1405 The Open Government Action Plan 2018-20: Improving Access to Accountability of Public Services
Saskia Kearns, Senior Policy Advisor - Consumer Policy & Interventions Team, Consumer & Competition Policy Unit, Scottish Government
  • The Open Government Action Plan - implications for public services accountability
  • Meeting challenges people face in seeking redress, raising complaints and engaging meaningfully with scrutiny and regulatory bodies
  • Understanding “accountability” as a process of continuous improvement and learning
  • Timetablle for pilot proposals
1405-1425 Beyond the Event Horizon: Regulation in an Age of Increased Velocity and Disruption
Neil Stevenson, Chief Executive, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
StevensonLaw slcccomplaints
1425-1445 Question and Answer Session
1445 Chair's Closing Remarks

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