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12th Annual Scottish Rail Conference: the future for rail in Scotland (online)


09:20     Chair's opening remarks
Judith Turner, Deputy Chief Ombudsman, Rail Ombudsman and Dispute Resolution Ombudsman

Session 1: Epidemic - impact and implications for rail

09:25     Ministerial keynote
Jenny Gilruth MSP, Minister for Transport, Scottish Government

09:40     Questions and discussion

09:50     Rail in Scotland now - service and infrastructure improvement
Alex Hynes, Managing Director, Scotland’s Railway
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  • Reflecting on two years of acute challenge
  • What Scotland’s Railway now faces
  • What we need to do next to meet the challenge ahead

10:05     Rethinking rail - post-pandemic

  • The impact of pandemic - where do we stand?
  • Mapping a post-franchise future
  • Opportunities, threats and ambitions

10:20     Questions and discussion

10:35     Comfort break

Session 2: The picture on the ground - what is happening now?

10:50     Delivering new or reshaping existing services?
Matthew Lee, Commercial & Customer Experience Director, Lumo

  • What new or reshaped rail services are possible?
  • What does Lumo tell us?
  • Predicting what may come next

11:05     Understanding what passengers now think
Robert Samson, Senior Stakeholder Manager, Transport Focus
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  • The passenger experience through pandemic
  • What passengers want next
  • Can we go back or do we need to change expectations?

11:20     Thinking strategically about the future of Scottish rail

  • Drivers of future demand - what kind of rail network and services do we need?
  • Core factors in service and infrastructure development: funding, reviews and structures
  • Stations and sustainable communities, planning and transport integration and Land Value Capture funding

11:35     Questions and discussion

11:50     Comfort break

Session 3: Planning ahead - what is coming next?

12:05     Innovation in rail

  • Rail and net zero innovation
  • Rail, economy, passengers and mobility innovation
  • Rail innovation in a reshaped society

12:20     Decarbonising the rail system

  • What is the scale of the decarbonisation agenda?
  • Decarbonising - the plan and the delivery
  • What’s happening now and what follows

12:35     Control periods, development and delivery - where are we now and what's next?
Catherine Hall, Head of Strategic Planning - Scotland, Network Rail
wee blue twitter birdNetworkRail

  • Assessing the impact of the pandemic response upon the Control Period
  • Are we on target?
  • Anticipating the remainder of this period - the big picture

12:50     Question and answer session

13:05     Chair's closing remarks
Judith Turner, Deputy Chief Ombudsman, Rail Ombudsman and Dispute Resolution Ombudsman

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Thank you so much for everything. The ACES conference is superb. Networking, learning and having fun is all part and parcel of the day - great stuff. I will be promoting this event at every opportunity.

Gail Mair,
Aberdeen City Council