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This page lists our forthcoming conferences. Please check back regularly as this page is constantly updated with new conferences and new speakers and themes are added daily.


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6th Annual Scottish Transport Conference: Sustainable and Smart, Joined-Up and Inclusive, Fit for Purpose and Reliable

This year's Annual Scottish Transport Conference examines how Scottish transport can meet three core challenges. How do we promote transport that is smart, supports growth and meets the severity of climate change? Which policies and projects are required to build a transport system that is joined-up, inclusive and comprehensive? What is needed to ensure Scotland's transport is reliable, safe and fit for purpose - now and in the future?

Thu 6th Feb 2020



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Scotland's New Tourism Tax: Exploring the challenges and opportunities of the new levy

This conference examines how Scotland's new tourism tax may be structured, how it could be operated, what the impact of such a tax would be and the potential benefits which may arise from the use of revenues from a tourism tax.

Thu 19th Mar 2020


Edinburgh City Chambers

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Implementing Scotland's New Planning Act: Where are we now and what happens next?

This conference examines how and when the Scottish Government plans to roll out implementation of the new Planning Act, what needs to happen for the Act to meet its original objectives for planning in Scotland and which issues remain to be defined in order to give full effect to the content of the Act.

Tue 24th Mar 2020



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