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6th Annual Scottish Transport Conference: Sustainable and Smart, Joined-Up and Inclusive, Fit for Purpose and Reliable

Thu 1st Oct 2020

Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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IMPORTANT: In light of the development of Coronavirus and the importance of taking sensible measures to protect public health, the date of this conference has been rescheduled from pre-summer to this date.

This year's Annual Scottish Transport Conference examines how Scottish transport can meet three core challenges:

  • How do we promote transport that is smart, supports growth and meets the severity of climate change?
  • Which projects and policies are required to build a transport system that is joined-up, inclusive and comprehensive?
  • What is needed to ensure Scotland's transport is reliable, safe and fit for purpose - now and in the future?

All transport stakeholders - operators, users, policy makers and those in the transport supply chain - have roles to play in addressing each of the challenges facing transport. This year's conference invites our speakers to offer insight into how their sector should play its role in meeting each aspect of these challenges to achieve collective change.

The 6th Annual Scottish Transport Conference takes place in December 2019 against a backdrop of constitutional change, climate protest and capital investment commitment. These come, respectively, in the form of the 'Game of Brexit' saga, the outbreak of Extinction Rebellion protests and the determination of the Scottish Government to dramatically increase spending on capital investment focused on growth related projects:

"...we are setting out a national infrastructure mission, with increased investment of about £7 billion in Scottish infrastructure by 2025-26." Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Scottish Government

Taken together with the development of National Planning Framework 4 and the work of the Scottish Infrastructure Commission, the Scottish Government's capital investment commitment heralds new developments in major transport projects. Against the background of these wider policy drivers, the National Transport Review and the Strategic Transport Projects Review will frame Scotland's transport policy vision.

In the context of wider great change and challenge, Scottish transport has the opportunity to show leadership lead on stability and sustainability. What is the way forward?

Benefits of Attending

Participate in the discussion at this conference as it asks how every stakeholder can help Scotland reach the destination of a transport system that:

  • develops digital/data/AI smart services via early innovation
  • delivers growth and sustainable economic strength
  • tackles climate change, lowers emissions and maximises clean energy
  • provides joined-up multi modal connectivity
  • enables affordable, inclusive access for every community and person
  • creates a comprehensive system for all of Scotland's geography
  • ensures consistently high reliability in all services
  • achieves the highest standards of safety for passengers and goods
  • acquires the flexibility to be fit for purpose now and able to evolve in future as demand, climate, technology and innovation drive change

Who should attend?

This conference will be relevant for anyone involved in the planning, building, maintenance or delivery of transport infrastructure in Scotland. This includes transport operators in rail, bus, road, aviation and maritime industries, engineering and infrastructure companies, regulators, transport lawyers, academics and managers, project managers and professional advisors, smart mobility and data specialists, those working in transport systems and services supply, transport companies and bodies, partners in the transport supply chain, systems associated with transport and services and transport representative bodies.


Michael Matheson MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Scottish Government

Lorna Pimlott

Director of Sponsorship & Policy, Phase 2, High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd

Dr George Hazel OBE

Director, George Hazel Consultancy and Chair, SCDI Connectivity Commission

Donald Bell

Principal, s82 consulting

Ralph Roberts

EO - McGill's, Chair - CPT Scotland, Chair - Traveline Scotland, Chair - Scottish Smart & Integrated Ticketing Steering Group

Judith Turner

Legal Counsel & Head of ADR, The Rail Ombudsman

Matthew Eastwood

Head of Cities - Scotland and North East England, Uber

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