MacKay Hannah


MacKay Hannah was founded in 2003 by Angus MacKay and Gail Hannah. Angus MacKay is a former Member of the Scottish Parliament where he served as Minister for Finance in the Scottish Cabinet and as Deputy Justice Minister. Gail Hannah has an extensive background in Scottish local government and in the Scottish Parliament.

We have a track record of delivering topical policy conferences for almost twenty years.

Now into our eighteenth year we have a long pedigree in hosting the kind of policy conferences people value for their content, quality of sspeakers and the opportunities to network - and of course the chance to hear and be heard.

We have experience from across the UK having organised everything from awards events with over 900 people in the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London through to seminars for just 20 people - and everything in-between. Public policy related conferences are our core strength and we continue to focus on contemporary policy issues. Whether we feature a senior figure such as a First Minister, Chancellor or Mayor of London as keynote speaker or a less public figure, our focus is on ensuring that the programme has the content and participants people want.

In 2020 we added online conferences and webinars to our portfolio. We use all our knowledge and experience drawn from almost two decades of delivering our traditional face to face events to ensure that these online conferences and webinars are built around what we know people value. So whether attending one of our events in person or online you will find them topical, informative and insightful.

The annual conference and awards event for secretaries and PAs is a must-attend for anyone in a PA or admin role. I can't even begin to explain how this event has changed the way I think and I will definitely be asking to attend the 2012 event.

Joanne Mullan, Fife Council,
Delegate at ACES