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ScotRail perform first test of electric train

The first journey of ScotRail’s upcoming electric fleet took place on 19th October. The Class 385 train travelled between Edinburgh and Linlithgow, becoming the first journey on the newly electrified line.

It is just one of 70 trains being introduced to Scotland's busiest route, between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Further testing is needed before a launch date will be decided "at the turn of the year".

The journey was part of testing the new infrastructure and overhead equipment.

As part of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP), the electric trains will, at first, only run between the two cities. However once further infrastructure has been installed, the 385 trains will also operate on suburban routes south of Glasgow and to Dunblane, Stirling and Alloa.

The new trains will boast more seats, provide faster journeys, help reduce emissions and many more benefits.

Source: BBC News, 19/10/17,


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In order that they can operate effectively, Boards and other decision-makers must be presented with accurate and relevant information on which to assess their options. Key to this is to have business processes which facilitate access to robust data and other information to ensure the efficient running of the organisation and the effective delivery of its services. Introducing and applying good information management procedures will undoubtedly help assist achieving these aims.

Ken Macdonald,
Assistant Commissioner (Scotland & Northern Ireland)

Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences</p>