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Public Sector Fraud in Scotland: Promoting Good Practice and Preventing Losses

Tue 26th Jun 2018

Glasgow, Brodies - Glasgow

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In its strategy document "Protecting Public Resources in Scotland - The strategic approach to fighting fraud and error", the Scottish Government set out its strategic objectives to "deter, disable, prevent, detect and deal with fraud, bribery and corruption in Scotland."

This conference examines how best to take effective action across Scotland's public and other sectors in working to prevent fraud, to prioritise and understand recurring and new threats and to intervene proactively to deter and detect these activities.

Fraud, bribery and corruption risks are a direct threat to the integrity of public bodies and a healthy commercial environment. Damaging at any time, they become even more threatening in the context of public finance constraint when protecting public resources is critical to protecting public services.

The conference will take place in three sessions:

  • Preventing Fraud
  • Prioritising Risks and Threats
  • Proactive Intervention

Audit Scotland states that the "the most effective approach to reduce the overall cost of fraud and error is to stop it occurring in the first place". Echoing this philosophy, The National Fraud Initiative is an exercise carried out every two years across the UK to help those public bodies subject to audit to minimise fraud and error.

Against the strategic framework of policy and country-wide initiatives, what are the most effective interventions on anti-fraud and corruption polices, awareness training for staff, internal control systems focussed on fraud potential, investigation of suspected fraud and governance related reporting arrangements for Scotland's public sector bodies?

Key themes to be discussed at the conference include:

  • Leadership in Preventing Fraud
  • Predicting and Understanding Public Sector Fraud
  • Organising and Resourcing for Effective Prevention
  • Procurement: Defending against the front line of fraud
  • Cyber and Data Vulnerability: What's next?
  • Corruption: Deterring and detecting
  • New Technology: Turning a threat to an advantage
  • The Importance of Collaboration Across Agencies
  • Sharing Best Practice and Fresh Knowledge


Ken Milliken

Associate Partner - Forensic, KPMG

Lynn Bradley

Conference Chair, Lecturer in Accounting Finance - University of Glasgow and Board Member - Revenue Scotland

Paul Marshall

Partner, Brodies

Fraser Paterson

National Counter Fraud Manager, NHS National Services Scotland

Gordon Young

Head of Counter Fraud Services, NHS National Services Scotland

Professor Karen Renaud

Chair of Cybersecurity, Abertay University

Ian Burgess

Director, CIVIC

Anne Cairns

Manager, Audit Scotland

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