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10th Annual Scottish Rail Conference: The next decade of Scottish rail

The 10th annual Scottish rail conference will focus on three key themes looking toward the next decade of rail: thinking strategically to get from what we have to what we want, rail and the wider economy and growth and rail development to 2027. With announcements on rail due in summer 2017 from Scottish Ministers and from the Office of Rail and Road on objectives and funding for Network Rail in in Autumn 2018, this conference examines the opportunities for rail and the wider economy.

Tue 5th Dec 2017


BT Murrayfield

Care of Older People in Scotland 2017: 5th Annual Conference

The focus of this conference is on how, in the context of the Scottish Government health and care initiatives, we deliver health needs with dignity consistently across Scotland for our older people.

Tue 21st Nov 2017


BT Murrayfield

Raising Young Scots: Getting to Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

This conference will discuss the range of policies in place in education, health and citizenship to support the development of young Scots and will focus on three core areas of potential: sharing best practice, collaborating across organisational and sector boundaries and being led by a 'what works' approach with young Scots.

Thu 2nd Nov 2017


Hanover Housing Conference Centre

Planning in Scotland: Delivering a 360 Degree Planning System

This conference discusses the Scottish Government's plans to legislate to develop the Scottish planning system. It examines how we can achieve the 360˚ Planning System Scotland needs - a system capable of working collaboratively at all levels to be more strategic and enabling, better networked into other policy areas, rooted in consensual and engaged development planning and more collaborative in its structure, working and funding both internally and externally.

Thu 26th Oct 2017


Holiday Inn Corstorphine

Delivering Good Governance in Scotland's Services: Higher standards, effective governance and excellence in public bodies

The 4th Annual Conference on Public Sector Good Governance addresses challenges critical to good governance in all public sector bodies: Delivering effective leadership, raising governance standards, managing risk and improving service delivery. In an 'always on' culture, leaders are more visible, risk management has to be effective and responses to challenges must be swift and sure. This conference discusses how effective governance needs to evolve to match new demands, threats and opportunities.

Thu 21st Sep 2017


Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West

Scotland's New Lobbying Act: What all Public, Private and Third Sector organisations need to do to comply

Scotland’s new Lobbying Act is expected to come into force later this year and guidelines on the Act are currently being prepared by the Lobbying Registrar. This conference explains the Act, explores the guidelines and helps you prepare to be compliant before, during and after talking to one of the elected members or officials covered by the new law.

Tue 12th Sep 2017


Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West

4th Annual Scottish Transport Conference: Transport's role in growth, Brexit, passengers and competitiveness

The 4th Annual Scottish Transport Conference will feature speakers from across Scotland's transport industry. This year's conference focuses on the role of transport in Scotland as a driver of economic growth, a conduit for infrastructure spending, a significant Scottish employer and an enabler of inward investment. The conference will discuss the potential of investment, integration and innovation across Scottish transport to support better services and a stronger economy.

Wed 6th Sep 2017


Dynamic Earth

Scotland's 10th Annual Conference and Award for Executive Secretaries and PAs: ACES 2017

Join us to recognise 10 years of celebrating and awarding success in Scotland. 2017 is the 10th Anniversary of ACES - Awarding and Celebrating Excellence in Scotland - the original conference and awards ceremony for PAs, EAs, Office Managers and office support professionals in Scotland.

Fri 23rd Jun 2017


BT Murrayfield

How Government in Scotland Works: Getting heard in high places

This conference examines how government in Scotland works at all levels and explains the policy and media context within which decision making in those organisations takes place. The conference is aimed at people and organisations who need to be heard in high places.

Thu 20th Apr 2017


BT Murrayfield

Care of Vulnerable People in Scotland: Innovating to deliver excellence

This conference focuses on how innovation in the delivery of care can transform quality of life for the most vulnerable groups in housing care settings. It examines how housing and care can collaborate to provide personalised and specialised accomodation-based alternatives to care homes enabling people to live well in their homes as long as possible.

Thu 30th Mar 2017


Wheatley Group Lipton Academy

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