MacKay Hannah

The New Consumer Scotland Agency: Investigation is coming


0830-0930 Registration and Refreshments
0930-0935 Chair's Opening Remarks
Session One: A New Agency for a New Consumer Environment
0935-0955 Keynote Address
0955-1010 Question and Answer Session
1010-1030 Why A Consumer Scotland Agency Now?
Thomas Docherty, Head of Nations and Regions (Which?)
  • The current consumer protection environment
  • Delivering added value and avoiding overlap
  • New Scottish Government powers
  • What does the market place need? 
1030-1050 A Possible Consumer Scotland: Purpose, Powers and Prospectus
Sarah O'Neill, Director, Sarah O'Neill Consulting
  • An 'Audit Scotland' for consumer issues?
  • In depth investigation and forceful recommendations
  • Powers to compel, capacity to influence and co-agent of change
  • What might the most pressing investigation issues be?
1050-1110 Question and Answer Session
1110-1130 Refreshment Break
Session Two: The Strategic Context for Consumer Rights, Advocacy and Policy
1130-1150 Developing Markets and Digital Consumers: What's coming next?
  • Understanding changing patterns of consumer behaviour
  • Complex global marketplaces and the regulatory challenges
  • Digital enforcement, advice and protection in a digital economy?
1150-1210 Knitting Together Regulators, Advisors, Advocates and Enforcers
Sophie Flemig, Director of Public Policy, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
  • How coherent is the current consumer protection terrain?
  • How can we achieve a joined up strategic and service delivery approach?
  • Is there a premium in Scotland's scale for faster, better consumer protection?
1210-1230 Getting Consumer Interest Right in Policy Making and Protection
Sandra Harkness, Chair, Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland (SCOTSS)
  • Consumer Scotland and developing a body of Scottish consumer policy
  • Ensuring that policy making consistently reflects the consumer interest
  • Capturing enforcement, complaint and interdiction knowledge to deliver prevention 
  • Advice services, funding and new powers - Delivering quality, consistency and outcome focus
1230-1250 Question and Answer Session
1250-1350 Lunch 
1350-1355 Chair's Welcome Back
Session Three: Achieving Coherent Consumer Protection - Building on what works
1355-1415 Collaboration Between Organisations and Across Jurisdictions
Sheila Scobie, Director, CMA
  • Getting from a jigsaw of services to a joined up picture for consumers
  • Dovetailing with UK agencies on UK markets in Scotland
  • Consumer Scotland and 'influencing' - Driving change with soft power
1415-1435 Investigation Issues and Markets: What's first?
  • Sectors, marketplaces and practices inviting investigation
  • Targeting acute issues or larger volume problems?
  • What do consumers want to see addressed?
1435-1455 What Should An Effective and Balanced Consumer Protection Environment Look Like?
Amanda Britain, Director - ABL, Member for Scotland - Communications Consumer Panel, Vice Chair - Iriss, Chair - Peter Gibson Memorial Fund and Chair - Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland
  • Learning from the past: The 'Championing Consumers' report and the Scottish Consumer Council
  • Using consumer interests and experiences to drive a new approach
  • Achieving balance in a new system
1455-1515 Question and Answer Session
1515-1520 Chair's Closing Remarks

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Great to see gender balance on the panels and speaker list.

Empowering and Protecting Scottish Consumers

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