MacKay Hannah

11th Annual Scottish Rail Conference: What's next for rail in Scotland?


0845-0925 Registration and Refreshments
0925-0930 Chair's Opening Remarks
Session 1
What's Next in the Strategic Picture for Rail?
0930-0945 Keynote Address
Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Scottish Government
ScotGov MathesonMichael
0945-1005 Panel Discussion - Four Member Panel

Stephanie Tobyn, Deputy Director - Consumers, Office of Rail and Road
StephanieTobyn railandroad


1005-1035 Discussion Session on Strategic Thinking for Rail

This session will feature in-depth discussion to consider the themes below, contributions raised by delegates on the day and issues suggested in advance for inclusion.
  • Matching demand with projects and resources
  • Investing in rail - priorities for growth
  • Decision making and devolution in rail
  • Raising standards and passenger numbers
  • Post-Brexit rail
1035-1055 Refreshment Break
Session 2 Delivering Rail Excellence in a Changing Environment
1055-1115 Disruptive Technology and Digital: Understanding the rail opportunity
Steve Quantick, Strategic Development Director - Rail, Transport Systems Catapult
  • How is disruptive technology altering all transport?
  • Fast changing consumer demands and expectations, what can rail offer?
  • Smart, seamless, simple - how good can rail become?
1115-1135 Rail and Wider Transport Competition
  • What is passenger demand, rival transport and the wider economy telling rail?
  • Road, air and bus: Competition or co-producers?
  • Delivering on cost, consistency, comfort and connectivity
1135-1155 Rethinking Rail
  • Re-imagining the purpose of our rail system
  • Rail and inclusive economic growth
  • Rail beyond Brexit - regulation and decision making
1155-1215 What Can Scotland's Smartest, Fastest, Safest Rail Look Like?
  • The next 'Big Things' in rail
  • What can we learn from elsewhere?
  • How can we leverage plans to deliver added value to the network and services?
1215-1235 Discussion and Questions
1235-1335 Lunch
Session 3 Projects, Priorities and Partnership
1335-1340 Chair's Welcome Back
1340-1400 Beyond Five Year Plans: Can we proof rail against growth, climate and age?
  • Can we aim for a generational rail investment strategy
  • Understanding the long term impact of climate
  • What happens when demand outstrips assets?
1400-1420 Understanding What Current Trends Mean for Demand and Development of Scottish Rail
  • What do customers want now and in the future?
  • Impact of growth, economic development and housing expansion on rail
  • Avoiding choke points - predicting problems and picking projects
1420-1440 Where Will Control Period 6 Take Us?
  • What's likely to be in the plan?
  • How can we add value by joining up investment and project planning?
  • Plugging the gaps: can partnership take us further, quicker?
1440-1500 Discussion and Questions
1500-1505 Chair's Closing Remarks

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Good range of speakers & commentary on various aspects of Planning Review. Encouraged by optimism of speakers.

Peter Bain, Argyll & Bute Council,
Planning in Scotland Conference, October 2017

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